Inspiration and Vapidity

Well, it seems the ability to post anything on schedule is eluding me (I blame washing machines, autumn, canine ear issues (again!) and suchlike).  Here is my latest post, and I will continue to post as-and-when, hopefully making it easier and less stressful on me, and providing better blog posts for you.


The disparity of people amazes me.  On the one hand, you have people willing to give up their puppy for performing perfectly normal doggy behaviour (nipping and house-soiling spring to mind); but then you have people who will live with their dog with one or more serious behaviour problems for years and years without blinking an eye (or, sadly, trying to help the poor dog).  It’s a shame, because with a little bit of public education people in both camps could be helped so much: either to understand normal dog behaviours (or to understand that normal dog behaviours aren’t their “thing”); or to understand how to prevent problems from occurring, and what to do or who to contact if they do.

Sadly, it seems that the public are educated more by TV “entertainment” shows, old wives’ tales, and general misunderstanding than they ever will be by actual facts and figures.

Perhaps this is linked to the huge interest in vapid “celebrities”.  “Normal” people like to believe whatever supposed “secrets” a self-important, attention-hungry, money-grabbing person chooses to “share” with them, and them alone (ha!), or perhaps it’s not; either way it seems to me that the vast majority of people need to get their heads away from the TV’s, newspapers, and magazines that these “celebrities” seem to adore complaining about inhabiting, and go and learn actual facts, from people who have not only proved their knowledge, but continue to expand upon what they – and we – know.

As humans we follow the “monkey-see-monkey-do” approach to learning, and while that isn’t the only way we learn (thankfully!) it does worry me that the majority of the “monkeys” that are publicly available to “copy” are often not good role models for having a thirst for knowledge & facts, and having an open & enquiring mind, for instance.

We all need to find people (and sometimes animals) in this world who inspire us to go out and learn; rather than people who inspire little but a desire to listen to them, and only them.

I haven’t been one to “drink the Kool-aid” for a long time, and it saddens me when I see people that do.

I know who inspires me, but who inspires you, and more importantly how and why?




4 thoughts on “Inspiration and Vapidity

  1. This past week I found myself following Twitter for the first time in awhile just so that I could follow hashtags from the APDT conference in Spokane. Partly because I wanted to follow as many of the sessions as possible in some small way, but also because our trainer, Colleen Pelar, was speaking in a number of sessions there. I sort of felt like a fan girl following a celebrity and retweeted every time she showed up in a hashtag. 🙂

    So, she’s one who inspires me. Overall, the work being done to advance the way dog training is viewed is incredibly inspiring to me, and I think the world would be a better place if more little monkeys out there could do like humane, science based trainers did. Because I see it in practice with my Balton, who inspires me daily to be a better human. Many of his behaviors are far from “normal puppy” behaviors, but they are normal for a dog who has fears and lacks confidence, and understanding that has become a huge part of my world.

    Continue doing your wonderful work, and continue being a difference maker in creating a less vapid world.

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