Oh, Little Man…

Well, after our nineteen vet visits with Inka last year, this year was starting to look good. We’ve got almost entirely from January through to the end of April without so much as even seeing the surgery, aside from two routine visits to pick up worming tablets.

The reason for that however, is that Inka was saving up!

Me, save up for a big vet visit? Never!

I noticed on Monday that he wasn’t shaking himself off properly, and on closer inspection found that one of his ears was swollen and a little bit weepy, and it was obviously painful as when I gently touched it I got grumbled at (although on another note, hooray for communication!).

One vet visit later, Inka has two different drugs to take and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Friday).  Thankfully, the drugs seem to be doing their job, and his ear is less swollen, though he’s still wary of having it handled.

It’s just a haematoma, so it shouldn’t be a particularly long or complicated surgery; however that doesn’t stop me worrying about how Inka will handle being ‘alone’ at the vets – although one advantage is it’s not the first time I’ve left him there, so hopefully he’ll remember that I’ll pick him up later on in the day.

I hope you’ll be spending your Friday in a more enjoyable way!


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