Why of course – how could I talk about anything else!  This is our training, and it’s easily becoming our lives.

I’ve started to realise that in everything we do, be it training, walking, playing, tugging, waiting, we must all be happy and joyful.  Yes, I know how bizarre that sounds – I knew that already!  But I think I’d become so focused on Inka and what he could and couldn’t do and how to manage him so we can do what’s needed, and some of what I’d like to do, I think I’d lost sight of what it’s really all about – fun!
Thanks to Starr and Recallers though, it’s starting to come back for me, and I hope I can bring it to Inka too.

We’re all starting to train in a more effective, and efficient way; I’m learning to actually record-keep for our training sessions, rather than just having a pretty training journal which is more ornament than use, and make ‘mental notes’, which I promptly forget; and I no longer bumble through training sessions, jolting from one exercise to another.  I have a plan (the critical core) and I stick to it!

For someone with OCD in being organised, I sure wasn’t applying it to my dog training!

Recallers proper only started yesterday, but between settling into the community, the pre-course and critical core games, and being excited to begin “real training”, the two weeks since I signed up have flown by.

Here’s a few clips I put together from a video I took this the weekend of Inka & I playing one of the games.  Inka already had a sort-of recall (we’ve not worked on it much lately) so we progressed this quickly from our garden, to the street in front of our house (on a long line), and I thought this would be a good third location for us, as this is somewhere Inka & I have worked before and he has a history of paying attention here.

You can see the speed he’s coming back to me with already, and as I’ve said on the Recallers forum, I’m starting to have the sort of problem I like having, see if you can spot it!

And yes, this is even before the course has really started!  So to the person who found my blog by Googling “do you get money worth susan garrett recallers” – my answer is: absolutely!


4 thoughts on “Recallers

  1. Yes! Your dog was having so much fun with you he wouldn’t leave so you could call him again! It was really great to see him having so much fun WITH YOU. I am also taking this Recallers course (for the first time) and am so excited about it. (I just followed you!) I find my training is generally much like you describe in this blog post. I tend to train the same things over and over because I don’t really know what else to do or how to up the ante, so to speak. Also, I have a dog-reactive dog so attending regular classes are out of the question. Besides that, I’ve come to realize an hour long training session for any dog is just too darn long. Short bursts are best, for both dog and human. Seminars/workshops aren’t my favorite either because it’s information overload, and after a few days I tend to lose my focus again. I’ve really fallen in love with online classes because they continue for about 6-8 weeks and we’re constantly learning something new with daily/weekly instruction and lots of support for questions in between lessons. Even though Recallers technically started only yesterday, I have learned so much and it couldn’t be more fun. This is going to be a great 8 weeks!

  2. Looking good. Am also on the course. How did you get him to move so far away from you after release. Mine just hang looking wistfully at the food.

    • My guess is it’s probably either history of reinforcement (there are smells and such away from me); or the environment being interesting but not too interesting (there’ll no doubt be bunnies and such that live in the area, but their warrens will be out of the way); or history of release cue means “do what you want”; or (less likely) perhaps he understands that the game is to go away before he can come back.

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