What a brilliant post, I never thought of the impact of the DDA upon a young child who’s dog has been taken away, but I don’t think it will be much different to what’s written here…


So… in the current economic climate £1.3M a year of your hard-earned tax money is spent every year on housing seized dogs that have done no harm but simply look like pit bulls according some whacked idea of what a pit bull looks like and a rough assessment by an un-trained police officer. IN LONDON ALONE. This is just the housing cost; it’s not the prosecution costs for those cases where families refuse to just meekly agree to the destruction of their beloved pet; it’s not the vet fees for those cases where people do, and not the police man-hours wasted bothering these people and writing up reams of reports and whatever back at the station, when they could be out on the the streets. It also doesn’t cover the money spent on actually dealing with dogs of any breed, or dog owners, that have actually done something untoward.


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