After the Behaviourist’s Visit

After our appointment with our behaviourist on Saturday, I’m feeling really positive.

Basically Inka is fearful, has little self-control, and no off-switch.  Almost the whole time Graham was with us Inka was “on the go”, only stopping once we’d practised some ‘leave it’ (in a new way), a ‘finish’ (i.e. no more interaction), exercise, and mocked up a ‘settle’ exercise.

However, being quick to pick things up, on my return home after going into town when Graham had gone, Inka came up to the dog gate like normal, and then went and ‘settled’ on the rug and waited for me to go to him – a huge improvement on the usual “what did you buy me” as Inka tries to stick his head in the carrier bags.

We’ve been left with some exercises to work through, and some desensitisation & counter-conditioning to work on, and I’ve also been told that Control Unleashed is to be mine & Inka’s “bible” (yay!).
Things will get better.  I’m happy.  Inka’s happy.


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