On Electric Shock Collars

I’ve just seen this video, and wanted to share my thoughts. It is interesting on so many levels.  The fact that the commentators call the people with the remote “despots” – well, yes, the most frequently used definition for despot is “A person who wields power oppressively; a tyrant.”

Obviously, the human participants are willing; they want to try out  “electric shock football”.  As the game progresses, you see the commentators (despots/owners) having more and more fun, pressing the buttons for amusement more than anything else; and the players getting more and more annoyed, and they even seem to be more in pain from the same level of shock as has previously been administered. That, to me, is quite scary; for people to be shocking their dogs is one thing – that a dog could feel more and more pain with each progressive shock (of the same level) is entirely another – never mind that we don’t know whether dogs feel pain on the same ‘level’ as humans do.

I cannot believe people willingly do this to their dogs; and even claim that with some dogs it is the “only” way to train them.  If you need pain (or, if you prefer “stims”, “taps” or whatever you call them so you can feel OK with doing it) then it is safe to say YOU don’t understand the laws of learning. However, just because you don’t, doesn’t mean your dog should suffer for it.


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