Dogs and Dreaming

I was Tweeting a friend a few weeks ago who’s recently brought her first puppy home.   She had commented on how much the puppy was sleeping, so I responded to the effect that even as an adult she could still need a lot of sleep.   On her next response, she commented that the puppy was now scooting her way around her bed – still asleep!

That made me think – we all know (or at least we think we know!) that dogs dream, and we all know that dogs can do anything from twitch their toes to get up and run while (potentially) dreaming.  One thing I’ve noticed with Inka is that his dreaming seems to be intensifying over time, what started as a momentary toe or lip twitch, turned into a few seconds of facial movement along with full paw twitches of at least two paws, and that has now progressed to full muscle movements in his lower limbs, often with paw, lip, and ear twitches too.

This has set me to thinking – do ‘damaged’ dogs dream?  Or is it something only a ‘happy’ or ‘undamaged’ dog will do?   Or do ‘damaged’ dogs have nightmares, whereas other dogs have good dreams.

I wonder how we could find out…


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