Dog Food Manufacturers, and Talks on Nutrition…

So, why do I find it ironic that a dog food manufacturer is giving a talk on canine nutrition?

I’ll give you a hint…the likely very biased opinion of this company representative is the big give away.

Now, I know I’m no nutritionist myself, but I do like to think I’m a caring, responsible owner; and when I was first looking at getting a dog, I did some research into the different types, and brands of food, and found one that agreed not only with what I wanted to feed my potential dog, but also fitted in with my morals – I felt lucky!

However, I also saw some things that I wasn’t sure about.  I’ve done a little bit more digging, and now I’m even less sure about some of the brands of dog food available to the public.

When you have a representative from a brand of dog food giving a “nutrition talk” – it doesn’t matter whether it’s the cheap stuff you get in your local discount store, or one of the brands that has a TV advertising campaign, or one of the brands that you can only get at your vets, or in pet shops that they are representing, they are going to be talking about their food, and how great it is; but here’s the big kicker – not every brand of food is good for every dog!

For the most part, yes, a brand of food will do just as good for one dog as it will another; but some foods do contain substances which can exacerbate behavioural issues, or can cause bodily functions to go awry, or even cause long-term and/or serious illnesses/diseases – and I can’t really see anyone to admit that this can happen with “their” brand of food…can you?

This topic actually fits neatly in with some of my college work, I have to do a special study, and I was thinking of looking into one aspect of dog food – which one I’m still to decide; though it may involve a survey – so watch this space!


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