coldwetnose: The One Show – foot in mouth?

It saddens me to know that at least one child has been bitten and at least one dog has now been put to sleep because someone tried to copy of the actions of a TV “dog trainer”.

This should never have happened, and should happen no more.  Dog owners need to be responsible in finding a qualified behaviourist, or training instructor, and in this day and age, it increasingly seems like the actions of the media are copied everywhere.

Perhaps now is the time for the media to teach people how to find a competent canine professional, rather than just blindly trust someone because they charge a fee, or are shown on a TV programme.

On a brighter note, I saw last night that Victoria Stillwell has offered to come to England free of charge and show Roxy’s family a humane way of training her to be comfortable with people around her food bowl.  I do hope they accept her very kind offer.

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