BBC TV’s “The One Show”

I don’t know how many of you watch – or, for my international readers, have even heard of – The One Show.  It’s a “magazine show”, on BBC 1, usually shown after the news, and before the evening programming, such as soaps.  I’ll be honest here and say I very rarely watch what would be classed as “terrestrial TV”, but when I heard about the segment on Friday’s show with a new “dog trainer”, I wanted to watch it; thankfully we got our internet connected over the weekend, and I’ve just watched the segment of the show on iPlayer.

As I’ve read others’ reactions over the weekend, I decided I needed to make some notes as I watched – I have seven A4 sides, though with my writing it’s probably more like three to four

I heard on the show that Jordan Shelley (the “dog behaviour expert”) didn’t have any experience other than walking his teachers dogs when he was younger.  That’s right, I can throw away my coursework, all my books, and delete the bookmarks for all my favourite dog behaviour, training, and trainer blogs now – all I need to do to become an “expert” is walk other people’s dogs!

In real life, I will be joining the growing number of people who are complaining to the BBC about this segment, and also to Offcom.  I will be taking my notes and turning them into something productive.  While I await my response, I will continue to use scientifically proven, kind and effective training methods with Inka, and any other dogs I encounter in my day-to-day life; I will also continue to study and learn about canine behaviour – both by continuing with my coursework, and by learning from others who I admire and respect.

Tomorrow night, Inka and I will be attending his second proper training class, and over the coming weeks I have several posts lined up, that I want to share with you all.

I want to leave you with a final thought: there are many ways to achieve a change in behaviour, some will promote the relationship between both parties, and some will damage it.  Some will have positive side-effects, and some will have negative side-effects.  I know which I would rather have – what about you?


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