A Little Update

I’ve been rather quiet of late, what with moving Scott & I have been very busy.  We also have a secret, and I was hoping our broadband would be up & running before now, so that I could share it with you, but sadly it’s not.

All that means though is you’ll have to put up with a short post & naff photos!

We have had, for a little over a fortnight, our very own dog!  He’s a non-working sheepdog, and though he’s rather nervous he’s settling in just fine.  You will see from the second photo that he has a Thundershirt, what you can’t see is the music he’s listening to, it’s the first volume of “Through a Dog’s Ear”; both of these have really helped him & will probably be getting a review of sorts and/or more mentions in future posts.  He is a Border Collie cross, and we think his cross is a New Zealand Huntaway, not that it really matters because he is gorgeous whatever his origins.  You will be seeing & reading a lot more about him in future posts, as we progress through his training & deal with his problems.  Say hello to Inka…



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