Book Review: “Dominance: Fact or Fiction”, Barry Eaton

I’m about half-way through my second reading of Dominance: Fact or Fiction?  I realise that may make it sound long, difficult, and full of big words that are hard to pronounce, but I promise you it’s not!  With just under fifty pages (at least in the first edition I have), it might be considered more of a booklet than a book, but it’s just the right length to get Eaton’s message across succinctly.  So, why am I reading it for a second time?  In part, I’m reading it again because of the way my brain seems to work (the more I read & re-read something, the more of it sticks in my head & can be recalled for future use!), and in part I’m re-reading it because it’s such a brilliant book.

Eaton has a good and factual style of writing, which means it’s easy to see the facts from the falsehoods, and follow his well-connected train of thought, to see where there are inaccuracies throughout the “dominance” and “pack theory” methods of training.

I’ve found myself furiously scribbling throughout reading, but only a few times to write a word definition, mostly it has been to underscore some text, or add a little comment or note to myself (such as “we hope!” where Eaton lists the things dogs are given by their owners (the list includes company, mental stimulation, and having their health looked after, which are all things dogs need, though I know they are always not given, which is not the subject of this post)).

Overall it’s a good book, with just about the right amount of information that I could see both the (dog-owning) man on the street, and a professional trainer being able to pick it up, though one would hope that one would learn more that the other!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: “Dominance: Fact or Fiction”, Barry Eaton

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  2. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post, and in fact your blog in general is very high quality material.

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